Dec 21st,2008 - Luxor Media announces Alchemy - Sacred Secrets Revealed now released.

Jan 7th, 2009: First album, No Secret Is Revealed now released on Amazon MP3.


Now Released!

Welcome to Luxor Media

In an era of the common absence of truth, an ally emerges to bring you enlightening media to convey a variety of usually misunderstood subjects.

Through film, music, and other forms of independent media, we hope to provide a truly engaging platform for the spreading of knowledge and wisdom through information, communication and education.

There are 2 sides to everything, even the Illuminati, which are at war with each other over ideology. Some of them, such as our founding fathers want true freedom for all of mankind, some of them want to enslave us. Cain & Able, Yin & Yang. Let it be known to all who have hate in their hearts, we are deeply against the enslaving group of the New World Order and the enslaving group of the Illuminati's agenda. The sacred sciences can be used in secret and darkness by those who do harm to others, or in the open and light by those who do good to others.

It is our full intention to take the esoteric from being only in the hands of the elite who wish to control and deceive, and put it in the hands of those who wish to extinguish this control in love and compassion for all of humanity.

"What I tell you in the darkness, speak in the light; and what you hear whispered in the ear, proclaim on the housetops." (Matthew 10:27)


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Alchemy - Sacred Secrets Revealed

In Alchemy - Sacred Secrets Revealed, we take an in-depth look at the history and practical application of this most sacred science.

Much of Alchemy is misunderstood and shrouded in mystery within magickal and fraternal orders, it is our goal to unravel some of the aspects which remain hidden behind conventional history.

Alchemy - Sacred Secrets Revealed is currently available, and was released on DVD December 21st, 2008.



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